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Welcome to the world of Spread Trading
South Africa's Spread Trading Community

Active Trader makes it possible for you, the private investor to participate  in the highly profitable arena of Spread Trading the Futures Market.  An area which until recently, has remained the domain of large institutions and professionals only.

Spread trading can provide you with many times the return of traditional futures trading. with fast turnaround and very low margin requirements.  It is perfect if you are a smaller trader who wishes to diversify your portfolio, or a beginner who wants to enjoy the excitement of trading from home.

Our service is designed to increase your advantage through a combination of training, support, advice and  trade alerts complemented with regular seminars and educational resources; more information...

Latest updates and articles

Spread Trading, the Futures market, FOREX and general investment information.  Advice, opinions and articles here

The latest Active Trader updates are available to view; check our progress here.


Active Trader Members Area Goes Live

Full members can now access regular updates and news items by logging onto the members section.  Trading updates will be posted there every Thursday evening

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